ELECTRICAL: From your main breaker to all your point-of-use needs within your facility, we have your covered. Other areas that we can support you with are switchgear, control panels, lighting and breaker panels. We are able to assist you with medium to high voltage needs as well. We desire to meet your day-to-day needs as well as your project needs.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: We believe that the best way to keep your plant running smoothly is through routine preventative maintenance. This is our inspection program for your facility. By checking all electrical equipment from your incoming service to all areas throughout your plant, we can determine any discrepancy. Another part of this program is to perform an insulation test on all critical motors. When this is completed, you will be presented with a written report to review.

SHUTDOWN and SCHEDULED OUTAGES: This has become an integral part of our on-going support business. With a pool of almost 100 electricians to assist us, we are ready to meet your need. This service is one that we have a lot of experience with and understand the demands that any prospective maintenance contractor would be are placed under. Through constant communication leading up to dates of service, both sides will understand the expectations and ensure that completion is met in accordance with the scope of work.

AUTOMATION & CONTROL: We are an experienced PLC/HMI Integrator that provides programming, front-end interface software, graphics design and layout, drives, interlocks and all other aspects related to controls. We will utilize our knowledge to provide the best automation/control package for your facility. Our goal is to meet with you and understand your control strategy and determine the best path for implementation.

THERMAL IMAGING: By seeing what the naked eye cannot, this service allows you to see potential hazards before they happen. Thermal images are taken of your cabinets and connections to determine any concerns and we help develop a plan of action to correct those concerns. A complete manual of the thermal images taken will be provided to you. As insurance companies put more and more demands on electrical safety, this service becomes an invaluable tool/resource for your facility.

ARC FLASH STUDY: This service is one that we work hand-in-hand with Authorized Engineering firms. After we collect all the required onsite data, the Engineering Firm compiles that data and completes the final steps of the process. You will then be sent all the appropriate Protection
Boundary Labeling for your facility. These labels can then be installed by your facility personnel or we can provide that service.

HAZARDOUS MONITORING: We are an Authorized CMC HazMon Integration Company. As an Integrator, we will perform a complete design/build to meet your Safety needs. That includes a thorough site visit to determine component needs as well as the required installation needs. CMC offers a complete line of Hazardous Monitoring Products such as sensors – bearing, temperature, belt alignment, vibration and relative humidity. As well as multiplexers that can connect your existing thermocouples and digital cables simultaneously. From there they provide the interface to tie all those components into your existing control system.

MECHANICAL: This service includes installation and fabrication of process piping, general fabrication needs and several specific welding requirements for all types of materials and industries. Should you require any piping modification to an existing structure or additional piping added we can meet your need. If you require design/build fabrication for a platform, stair/staircase or protection barrier, we can handle your request.